GE Free New Zealand

The food we eat has been changed. In just a few years three multinational chemical companies have altered the genetic makeup of the world's most common food crops, by creating new life forms that would never occur naturally. New Zealand is in a unique position to resist this threat to the global food chain by saying no to GE in our food and environment. Organic farming is real progress.

Over millions of years of evolution, potatoes have never crossed with toads, until now. Unlike conventional breeding or cross-pollination, geneticists have taken genes from bacteria, viruses, plants and animals and inserted them into soy, corn, canola and cotton and released them into our environment and food chain.

European, Asian and South American countries are restricting and banning GE in food and field and major food companies around the world are responding to customer demand for GE free food. "New Zealand's GE free crop status is providing sales opportunities we would not otherwise have" (source: Food giant Heinz Wattie's).